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1Alpena Centennial Flashbacks 1883-1983  (A)
2Olive M. Hayenga. Andover, SD. Yesterday In AndoverSold 
3Baltic Centennial 1881-1981. 
4Bancroft 1889-1989
5 Bath Community 1881-1981. Our First One Hundred Years.
6 Carr, J.L.The Old Timers. (Beadle).
7Jones, Mildred McEwenEarly Beadle County, 1879-1900(B)
8Polly Pointers From The Daily Huronite of 1887-1888-1889 
9Haskell, Mac.  Falling Chips. About the Men who Formed the Huron Rotary Club 
10Life In Early Huron 1880-1889. Vol. 1. Churches & Religion & Vol. 2. Education & School. WPA. 
11Jones, Mildred McEwenPioneer Residents Of Beadle County. Sold
12James, Leta MayA Place-Name Study Of Beadle County South Dakota.
13Charter And Ordinances Of The City Of Huron. 1904. 
14 Permanent School Fund in SD and the Beadle Club.
15A People’s History Of Beadle County. 
16Huron College Historical Bulletin, Pierre University & Scotland Academy 1883-1920 
17Huron College Bulletin. Pioneer College – History of Pierre University & Huron College 1883-1958 Including Directory of Graduates & Ex-Students 
18Huron. American Lutheran Church Directory 
19Huss, Dorothy, Robert S. Kuni, William Lampe, Margaret Moxon.  Huron Revisited. 
20Atlas Of Brown County South Dakota. 
21Early History of Brown, South Dakota. 
22Monument Markers Memorials of Brown County. 
23Historical Aberdeen 1981, Brown County Museum & Historical Society. 
24Buntin, Art.  James River Landscapes Historic Sites Brown County
25Artz, DonThe Town in the Frog Pond (Aberdeen). (B) 
26Murray, Robert J.  Church Grows on a Tree Claim. History of Sacred Heart Parish Aberdeen, SD, A.(/A)
27Murray, Robert J. History of Federal Agencies. Aberdeen, SD 1881-1981 
28First Presbyterian Church 1881-1981, Aberdeen, SD 
29Aberdeen’s Parkland Heritage 1881-1931 Aldrich Band Shell. 
30Aberdeen / Brown County Landmark Commission.  Simmons! Frederick’s Riverside Park – Groton & Frederick City Parks. (A)
31Artz, Don.  A Souvenir of Aberdeen (D)
32Artz, Don. The Life & Times of the Dacotah Prairie Museum Building. 
33History Committee of Brown County Museum & Historical Society. Brown County History(D) 
34Brown County In the World War 1917-1918-1919
35Bartusis, Mark C. editor.  Northern State University. The First Century, 1901-2000.
36Lady Helpers Society, Compiled ByHistory of Buffalo County 1885-1985 Gann Valley, SDSold
37Buffalo, South Dakota Diamond Jubilee 1909-1984
38Black Hills Flood Of June 9, 1972 - A Historical Document.Sold
39Brule County History. Brule County Historical Society (Pukwana). 
40King, Irma E.  History of Canning, South Dakota.
41Pioneer Reflections. Canova, SD Centennial 1883-1983. (A)
42 Carthage Centennial 1882-1982. Sold
43100 Years Of Chamberlain, SD 1880-1980. Sold
44Adeline S. Gnirk. The Epic of Papineau’s Domain. Central Charles Mix County. Comprising Goose Lake, Jackson, Moore, Rhoda & White Swan Townships. Sold
45Votruba, Stanley E.  Upper Missouri and Charles Mix County Reminiscence
46Register of Historic Sites In Clay County.  (A)
47 Clay County: Chapters of the Past. Herbert S. Schell. 
48 A Precious Legacy – Clear Lake 1884-1984. 
49Swanhorst, Bob. Main Street– 2006 Cresbard South Dakota. A Town Of Golden Memories. 
50Davison County. Souvenir Davison County Court House
51Day County Arts Council. Echoes and Reflections 
52Yuill, Camille.  Deadwood In The Black Hills of South Dakota
53Lee, Bob, editor.  Gold, Gals, Guns, Guts. Roarin’ Deadwood, Unique Lead, Picturesque Spearfish 
54Deadwood-Lead ’76 Centennial 1976.   Steeples above Stopes. The Churches in the Gold Camps 1876-1979 
55DeSmet, SD 50th Anniversary – The Spirit, Lake Presbyterian Church 1908-1958.Sold
56Doland, SD Centennial 1882-1982.Sold
57The Centennial of Egan, SD 1880-1980.Sold
58Speiser, James & Mildred  & Johnnie & Gertrude GilmanChanging West. Ekalaka, SD.Sold
59  A Century in Review 1859-1959. Elk Point, SD
60Erwin: the First 100 YearsSold
61Estelline, South Dakota 100 Years 1882-1982.
62Eureka Memories 1996 Reunion.
63Faulk County Historical Society. History of Faulk County, SD 1910-1982(/A)
64Ellis, Capt. C.H.  History of Faulk County South Dakota. (/A)
65United Church of Faulkton. Faulkton, SD
66Florence, South Dakota 75th Anniversary Jubilee June 6 & 7, 1906-1981
67Frankfort Centennial 1882-1982. Vol. 1(A)
68Frankfort Centennial 1882-1982. Vol. 1 & 2Sold
69Our Living Heritage. 1864-1889. Fort Sisseton (Fort Wadsworth)
70Mendal,  J.J. History of the People of East Freeman, Silver Lake and West Freeman from 1528 to 1961 and History of FreemanSold
71Celebrating A Century Garretson, SD Centennial 1889-1989. 
72 Garretson. Zion Lutheran Church
73Gettysburg South Dakota 75th Anniversary 1883-1958
74Grant County South Dakota In The World War 1917-1918-1919. Sold
75Grant County Historical Society. 100 Years in Grant County South Dakota 1878-1978.(A)
76Gregory-Dixon Historical Society.  Yesterday And Today In The Gregory Area.
77Groton Centennial History, Groton, SD 1881-1981 
78Haakon County South Dakota Atlas 1965
79Hamlin County 1878-1979 Sold
80Sessions,  Anna Mary Van Brunt Early History Of Hand County South Dakota.(A)
81Heidepriem, Scott. Bring On The Pioneers! History of Hand County.(/A+)
82Hand County Township Clerk’s Record – Dakota 1884 (hand written journal) 
83 Celebrating Our Heritage Trinity Lutheran Church 75 Years 1925-2000 Miller, SD (Hand County)
84Parker, Donald Dean, compiler.History of Our County and State: Hand County Edition.Sold
85Atlas Of Hand County South Dakota 1984
86Atlas Of Hand County South Dakota 1964
87Atlas Of Hand County South Dakota 1989
88Atlas Of Hand County South Dakota  1971-72
89Counties of Hand & Hyde South Dakota In The World War 1917-1918-1919Sold
90 Myrna CottonThey Pioneered For Us (Miller, Hand County)(B)
91Miller SD Centennial Minutes 1881-1981 (Hand County)
92Carroll, C.M.  Miller – The Town That Was Not To Be.
93Miller. 1882 Looking Back But Going Forward 1982. First Methodist Church
94Miller. History of the First Presbyterian Church(B) 
95Buffalo Times Herald. Harding County, SD 50th Anniversary 1959.
96History of Harrold 1886-1986 – Siding No. 6
97Hartford, SD 1881-1981 Centennial
98Hay County History, Pioneers of the Gayville & Meckling, SD(A)
99Highmore, SD Our Savior Lutheran Church 1989 Directory
100Highmore. Centennial Celebration United Methodist Church
101Highmore. Our Savior Lutheran Church
102Hitchcock, SD Centennial 1881-1981(B) 
103  Twomey, Katherine & Helen Magee.   Early Hot Springs.
104  Hoven Centennial Historical Committee.1883-1983 Hoven South Dakota.Sold
105Hughes County HistorySold
106Hughes and Stanley Counties Centennial Celebration 1961. (B)
107Hyde Heritage 1880-1997(/A)
108Centennial Atlas Of Hyde County South Dakota. 1989
109Atlas of Hyde County, South Dakota, 1965
110Atlas of Hyde County, South Dakota, 1978
111Atlas of Hyde County, South Dakota, 1985
112  Hyde County South Dakota Centennial Committee Staying Power. (/A)
113    Isabel Booster Club  Isabel Friends and Neighbors 1961-1986
114  Jewett, Mrs. Oliver, editor Isabel Territory Golden Jubilee.Sold
115 Jefferson History 1859-1959-1984 CentennialSold
116  Marken, Jack , editorThe Making of a Community. History of Jerauld County to 1980.( C )
117  Dunham, Fred N. History of Jerauld County South Dakota.(D)
118Proving Up. Jones County History.Sold
119  Hogen, Marvis Fifty Years On main Street 1946-1996 (Kadoka).Sold
120  Jahr, Dale . Lake Co. Pictorial History.
121  Tyrrell, P.E. editor. Pioneer Days In Lake Country
122Lake Andes South Dakota master Plan 1972Sold
123 Lake Norton South Dakota 50th Anniversary 1907-1957Sold
124Langford, SD 1886-1986 Centennial 
125  Lawrence County Historical Society. Some History of Lawrence County.
126  Fielder, Mildred Lawrence County For The Dakota Territory Centennial.(B)
127  Klock, Irma H. , EditorCemeteries and Graves in Lawrence County & Environs.Sold
128  Klock, Irma H. , EditorSilent School Bells. Lawrence County Rural Schools & Histories of the Lead, Deadwood & Spearfish Schools.(A)
129 Lebanon 1884-1984 Centennial Celebration(B)
130Half Century of Progress 1907-1957, LemmonSold
131Lennox 60th Anniversary Edition 1879-1939
132Leola Centennial 1884-1984
133  Lyman County Historical SocietyEarly Settlers in Lyman County
134Marshall County History of Britton
135  Mellette County Centennial Committee, White River, SD Mellette County South Dakota 1911-1961.
136  Gardner, Sylvia Friel.Metonka-Little Town On A Railroad And Related Stories.Sold
137Historic Midland 1890-1986
138  Richards, Marjorie Benedict.  Minnesela – The City That Never Happened
139Mitchell Re-Discovered Centennial Souvenir History 1981
140Dakota Dateline 1881-1981, Mount Vernon, SDSold
141  King, Irma E.  Pierre, SD The Friendly City & Ft. Pierre, SD Where the West Begins.Sold
142  Magedanz,  Thomas C. , project director South Dakota In Vietnam, Pierre Area.
143  Carla Sahr & Henrietta RobertsGlimpses of Pierre, SD 1880-1930Sold
144 Orient South Dakota Centennial 1887-1987
145 Diamond Jubilee Orient, SD 1963Sold
146  Schaefers, Jo Ann , chairman. Orient Centennial Trivia 1887-1987.
147  Hafner, Joan M. & Parkston Commercial ClubParkston South Dakota Centennial History
148  American Legion Auxiliary.Eastern Pennington County Memories.Sold
149   Horton, Garner, editor.  Pioneer College. History of Pierre University & Huron College 1883-1958
150  Schuler, Harold H. Pierre Since 1910.
151  Schuler, Harold H. A Bridge Apart. History of Early Pierre & Fort Pierre. 
152  Morgan, Ruth, Edited by  Platte South Dakota 75th Anniversary 1900-1975. Progress & Pride Go Hand & Hand.
153Polo Memories 1881-1989Sold
154Polo, South Dakota, Fairview High School 1961 The Polo-Lite
155  Potter County Historical Assoc.  Potter County People, Pictures and Progress 1883-1983
156  Authier, Barbara.Presho How Come They Called It Presho 1905-1980Sold
157  Boone, C.F. The Rapid City Flood June 9, 1972(D)
158Natural Disaster Institute. Night Of Terror The Black Hills Flood of June 9, 1972 Photo Book No. 1 
159  Miller, David B.  Gateway To The Hill An Illustrated History of Rapid City
160  Rockham CentennialRevisit Rockham 1886-1986 .(A)
161 Roberts County History Dakota Territory Centennial.Sold
162Roberts County. Bethel Lutheran Church 1893-1965
163Our Prairie Years...And How We Grew. Rosholt, SD Golden Anniversary 1913-1963Sold
164St. Lawrence 1880-1989 Then and NowSold
165Salem-Zion Mennonite Church of Freeman, SD Looking Back 100 Years 1880-1980.Sold
166Supplement To History of Pioneer Sanborn County.
167Selby Diamond Jubilee Historical Book 1900-1975  ( C )
168 Seneca Centennial Book Committee History of Seneca & Surrounding Area 1884-1984.
169Seneca 125th Anniversary 1884-2009. 2 disc DVD set (all photos with music)(/A)
170 Early Manors of Sioux Falls. Bicentennial Look 1976 
171 Woster, Terry  Spirit of Sioux Falls.(/A)
172 Karolevitz, Robert F. With Faith, Hope and Tenacity. First 100 Years of the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls 1889-1989(/C)
173 Jordahl, Sivert A.  Memorial History Lutheran Normal School Sioux Falls, SD 1889-1918
174First Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls, SD Directory (1987-88)
175 Bragstad, R.E.  Sioux Falls In Retrospect.
176 Kant, Joanita   Southeastern Region Vol. III
177 Atlas of Spink County South Dakota. 1974
178 Harlow, Dana D.  Prairie Echo Spink County In The Making.Sold
179 Caldwell, Irene, editorBad River (Wakpa Sica), Ripples, Rages and Residents (Stanley County area)
180Stickney South Dakota 1905-1980 75th Anniversary(B)
181Sturgis & Ft. Meade Early Day 1874-1910 HistorySold
182 Smith, Charles A.  A Comprehensive History of Minnehaha County, South Dakota. Its Background, Her Pioneers, Their Record of Achievement & Development
183Atlas of Sully County South Dakota, 1985
184Seventy Five Years of Sully County History 1883-1958 Agar-Onida
185Tolstoy, South Dakota Celebrates 75th 1907-1982 (Potter County)
186 Winner Chamber of Commerce Diamond Jubilee History Committee The History of Tripp County South Dakota 1909-1984.
187Our Heritage 1883-1983.(B)
188             1878-1978 Valley Springs Centennial
189 Krueger, Judith Gudger. The Forest Avenue Historical District, Vermillion, SD 
190 Volga & Community Business Men. 1947Service Record Book of Men & Women of Volga, SD & CommunitySold
191We Like It Here. Wessington. Pamphlet 
192Wessington High School All School Reunion 1915-1977. Wessington, South Dakota
193Wessington, South Dakota. First United Presbyterian Church 1882-1982 
19475th Anniversary Wessington Springs 1882-1951 Diamond Jubilee Special Edition
195Wessington Springs. First United Presbyterian Church 1882-1982
196The First Methodist Church 1882-1957 75th Anniversary Wessington Spring, SD
197 Parker, Dr. Donald D. The First Presbyterian Church White, SD 75 Years 1882-1957Sold
198 Reutter, Winifred   Early Dakota Days. White River, SD.
199Willow Lake, SD 50th Anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church 1902-1952
200 Bruhn, Florence.  Grandma’s Watertown Story. First Quarter of Watertown’s Century
201 White Lake South Dakota Centennial 1889-1989(B)
202White Lake SD 1882-1982 100 Years of Progress
203 Olson, Randy M. Views Of The Present Visions of the Past. White Rock, SD.Sold
204 Johnson, Norma.Wagon Wheels. Vols. I, II, III, IV, V, VI(A)
205 Karolevitz, Robert F.  Yankton: A Pioneer Past
206 Allan, Don Yankton Celebrates. The Centennial 1889-1989.(A)
207Yankton County In Dakota Territory Centennial Year 1861-1961(B)
208 In the World War 1917-1918-1919. Yankton County(A)
209 Stewart, Edgar I.  Yankton College. The Second 25 Years
210 Ayers, Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Mr. & Mrs. George Demaray.  Prairie Historical Society.
211 Sewrey, Charles L.  A History of South Dakota State College 1884-1959